Elim Gospel Choir - Schweden

Leitung Lena Kråklind

Elim Gospel is a choir from Skövde in the south-west of Sweden. The choir sings modern as well as more traditional Gospel songs under the direction of choir leader Lena Kråklind. The choir is blessed with talented musicians lead by pianist Olle Vinensjö. Elim Gospel often sings in its home church but also visits other churches and local events regularly. In October last year the choir had a sold out concert together with a renowned Swedish Gospel singer called Samuel Ljungblahd, which was very appreciated by the many people who came to listen. 2012 the choir was also on a tour to USA.

The choir was founded eight years ago in the Baptist church Elim. The members of the choir are of varied ages but all share the love for singing and the Gospel message. The name Elim means oasis and for the members of the choir that is what each choir practice offers; time to come together to worship and learn more about God. With their singing they hope to share these experiences with others.

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