1-A-Chord - USA (Atlanta)

1-A-Chord is a Contemporary GOSPEL BAND that believes the Word of God is timeless and can be expressed through song. Their style mixes the influences of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock, Reggae, and other musical genres infused with lyrics that are spiritual, inspirational, and uplifting to produce cutting edge selections that convey their collective love for the Lord. Each member is a talented musician and writer in his own right, but when joined together, 1-A-Chord creates a sound that is unique and timeless. A patron once excitedly remarked to the band after a performance, "Man... I ain't never heard a Gospel band like y'all!"Unity, integrity, brotherhood, spirituality, love, and the groove, these are all the ingredients that make 1-A-Chord different from other bands in their genre. 1AC are true servants. They have received numerous awards and professional acknowledgements for the many community and civic organizations that they have unselfishly given of their talents and time. As one can see, 1-A-Chord are seasoned professionals that have received much, and yet they remain humble and appreciative of all that they have been blessed to achieve and experience.

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